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The Perfect Business for 2020?


COVID-19 was a wake-up call that most of us need multiple and diversified income streams. 新冠型病毒突来的肆虐,让大多数人都意识到有多个或多样化的收入来源是何其重要的。

The YuShop Global IBO Program is a Cross-Border eCommerce (CBEC) platform unlike any program designed before.玉Shop Global的独立业主(IBO)计划是一个跨境电子商务(CBEC)平台,它与之前的任何计划都大不相同。

We are looking for entrepreneurs who would like to join our team expanding this platform in China. 我们要寻找的是愿意加入我们团队,以及想在中国扩展此平台的企业家。

The rewards are endless. 回报是无止境的。