The Perfect Business for 2020?


COVID-19 was a wake-up call that most of us need multiple and diversified income streams. 新冠型病毒突来的肆虐,让大多数人都意识到有多个或多样化的收入来源是何其重要的。

The YuShop Global IBO Program is a Cross-Border eCommerce (CBEC) platform unlike any program designed before.玉Shop Global的独立业主(IBO)计划是一个跨境电子商务(CBEC)平台,它与之前的任何计划都大不相同。

We are looking for entrepreneurs who would like to join our team expanding this platform in China. 我们要寻找的是愿意加入我们团队,以及想在中国扩展此平台的企业家。

The rewards are endless. 回报是无止境的。

Are you interested in a business you could start absolutely free and has the ability to provide you unlimited income potential?

” My name is Rina Madsen and I’m Director of the YuShop Global Independent Business Owner (IBO) Program.

The IBO Program is the first-of-it’s-kind automated Cross-Border eCommerce platform available to individuals and business owners who want a turn-key business that is low-cost to open, but has unlimited sales and income potential.

From students and apprentices, to small business owners, to sophisticated investors, we have a path within the IBO Program that will meet your income goals and objectives.

I hope you will take advantage of this limited time to join our platform for free and join us on our next Live Webinar (held weekly) to learn more about this exciting program.”

~ Rina Madsen


” COVID-19 is creating a lot of change. How we shop, dine, entertain, and socialize, will forever be impacted.

But with change, comes opportunity.

Some of the biggest opportunities of of this decade will soon be uncovered.

This is one of them. “

~ Nathan Halsey

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What We Do

YuShop Global is a China Cross-Border eCommerce (CBEC) Marketplace that provides Chinese consumers the ability to shop highly selective and curated international products from around the world from the convenience of their phone or smart device – with products delivered to their doorstep in China.


” We have created a new category in business franchising. The micro-franchise.

The micro-franchise allows the ability to start a business with any size budget, while providing a path to unlimited scalability and income potential. “

~ Jason Smith


The Micro-Franchise

YuShop Global developed the Independent Business Owner (IBO) Program that provides a “Business in a Box” business solution that allows business owners an opportunity to own their own CBEC business on the YuShop Platform, much like a franchise business model.

YuShop provides it’s IBO Partners a scalable and turn-key business that utilizes YuShop’s systems, processes, technology, products, experience, and support to ensure the IBO partner’s success.


The traditional model originated in 1932 and for decades has produced many millionaires who were able to follow a proven system, process, product, and marketing strategy provided to them to build successful businesses.

We have a better model for today's environment.

The Old Franchise Model.


The QR Code is the New Retail Storefront

The IBO Program is a completely turn-key CBEC business that can be managed from the palm of your hand. Own an international business importing high demand products into China without having to lease expensive warehouses, purchase inventory, or even hire a single employee.

YuShop Global invented the Point-of-Sale (POS) WeChat Marketplace. It’s just one of our marketing channels, but it’s a profitable and scalable one. The POS System places our product displays in high traffic retail locations (Spas, Hotels, Salons, Gyms, etc) where a personal sales associate can promote the product to consumers while allowing the consumer to simply QR scan the product code to purchase.

Our IBO Partners can add as many POS counters to their business to maximize profits. With over 20,000 POS locations and growing, the YuShop POS network provides business owners a limitless income stream that is managed for them, allowing them to watch their profits grow from their phone or iPad.

Earn Big Profits Providing China Consumers the Products They Want

Before COVID-19 many Chinese shoppers would travel to Europe or America to buy their favorite vitamins, supplements, beauty products, and fashion.

Filling suitcases with GNC vitamins for family or shopping Rodeo Drive in California and 5th Avenue in New York was not just a status symbol, it was the only way to get some of these products back to China.

YuShop’s CBEC platform provides Chinese shoppers the ability to shop these products from WeChat and have delivered to their home or business in China.

As an IBO Partner you will have access to all of our products and you will make profits every time these shoppers repurchase.

Product categories include:


All products carried on the YuShop Platform are vetted through a rigorous process to ensure quality, uniqueness, and are 100% authentic. You will never find a counterfeit item on YuShop platform and all products are guaranteed delivery to your doorstep directly from the manufacturer. Welcome to a new way of shopping internationally.

As an IBO business owner you can be assured the products and services provided on the YuShop Platform will be highly desired, safe, and will encourage repeat purchases so that you are building a residual income stream that will last for years.

100% Safe
100% Authentic
100% High Demand

YuShop Membership

The IBO Program is exclusive to YuShop Global Members. To apply for the program you must first join YuShop.

For a limited time, YuShop Membership is FREE.

So take advantage of this offer to join. Membership has its benefits.

Who This Program is For

The YuShop and IBO Program really has a place for everyone. Whether you are a student or young entrepreneur looking to start your first business or you are seasoned business person or investor, this business and platform is for each of you. Regardless of your starting budget our platform and program has a path for you to grow this into a substantial income stream. If you are a young entrepreneur with no money of your own, we will train you how you can build a business simply using WeChat and how you can earn big commissions on finding other IBO business owners. If you have money but not time, we have a 100% automated program for you too, where you can put your money to work in a passive income business. Sign-up today and join our next Live Webinar where you will learn all of the details on how to get started.

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